Eastern Bluebirds



One of my most favorite subjects to photography is the Eastern Bluebird.  They are so photogenic.  The male is bright blue, while the female is less colorful.

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The little bluebirds listen and look at the ground to see and hear their next meal.  They feed by dropping to the ground and catching insects. untitled-1-of-1-2-jpga


The Eastern Bluebird is a sign of spring and I love to hear them sing and watch them work building their homes in the boxes that I have in my yard.



3 thoughts on “Eastern Bluebirds

    1. A beautiful Bluebird. They are my favorite. If you watch them and listen to them you will be amazed. They make the sweetest sound.

      1. I have been for years. I adore them. Finally have his little picture posted. They are so beautiful. They have always been my favorite along with the little wrens.

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