The Hen Harrier

The Hen Harrier Hawk is a bird that is very hard to catch setting still.  This was a rare treat to catch this one setting on a stump listening for its next meal.

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What made this very special was another Hen Harrier came by and tried to knock the first one off of the log and I got the shot.



The Hen Harrier Hawk, also known as the Norther Harrier, gets its nick name years ago from preying on free range fowl.  The Harrier is a migratory bird migrating south in the winter months.  Each year I see this wonderful hawk circling the fields, dancing in the air with its circling flight, as it flies low to the ground.


The bird has an owl looking head with beautiful feathers.   If you have ever seen an Hen Harrier Hawk you will for sure know that it is not like any other hawk.   I had the opportunity to get many shots of this beautiful bird as it sat and listened for its next meal.


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The hawk decided it needed to stretch its legs and wings.  I never realized a bird could get in that many positions.  It was amazing.

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