Weekend Visitors To The Back Yard


I had a visitor to my backyard feeder this morning.  It was a Collard Dove.   When I first seen it I thought it was a  pigeon.  The Collard Dove is larger and lighter colored than the Mourning Dove.  Its tail is more widespread with a white tipped end.

The Eurasian Collard Dove is widespread in Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa.  Now it is becoming widespread in North America.

DSC_6950aDSC_6969aAccording to the Arkansas Audubon Society,  Eurasian Collard Doves were first seen in Arkansas in 1989 near Harrison.  Since then, they have  become more and more widespread and more common.



Keep your eye out for the Collard Dove in your back yard.  They love backyard feeders.



In the early spring I start seeing a few Blue Winged Teal.   They are beautiful ducks with patches of blue on their wings.  The male has a distinctive white mark on his head. The are fast sporadic flyers, twisting and turning as they fly.   In the spring there will be small groups in and around the ponds.  They are part of the dabbling duck family.

Blue Winged Teal  Male and Female

There were three this weekend at the pond in the back of my house.   They spent a few hours dabbling around hunting for food at the waters edge.





This weekend in Arkansas was none like I have seen in my lifetime.  We had a dusting of snow on April 7th with low temps of around 27.  It stayed in the 40’s all weekend with a very cold wind.  After the sun popped out,  a few White-Tail deer decided to come out to enjoy the green grass.


DSC_6651 (5)

The deer enjoyed running and playing in cool air.  If you look closely you can see that these three are little bucks.  They all have little nubs on their heads where their horns will appear.


All in all it was a great weekend to see some beautiful wildlife.  Photographing wildlife can be so much fun and a great challenge.  Sometimes I forget to just put my camera down, enjoy and appreciate my surroundings.  It can be such an eye opener, and it makes you appreciate nature.

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