Tug Of War Over A Meal

Around the farm here in Arkansas, you see a coyote from time to time. At dusk every night we hear three to four different groups yelping off in the distance. They are very thick in population and have become a big problem.

These two found a meal and didn’t want to share. The pictures I took were not the best, but these two were not going to let me get close. They were about 275 yards away.

They had found something dead and were not willing to share. Both were nervous and watching, afraid that the meal they had found would be taken away.

They were both tugging away at the dead animal trying to pull it apart. It is not too often that you get to see a coyote feeding on a dead animal let alone see a coyote.  If you do see one, it is early in the morning, right after daylight or right before dark.  They do not roam around very often during the day.

Coyotes are a canine native to North America and are smaller in size than their close relative the gray wolf, eastern wolf and red wolf.  The Coyote can adapt to environments modified by man, and have been seen in many urban areas.

When Maggie the coon hound spotted the two coyotes she was not going to leave.  These two finally ran off into the woods.  Maggie sat watching and waiting on the coyotes to come back for hours.  She just didn’t want to give it up.

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