Sunshine On A Cold Windy Day

It was a cold windy Sunday morning on April 15th, 2018 here in Arkansas.  Even though it was spitting snow and 34 degrees, the trees were filled with yellow sunshine.  Everywhere you looked there was a Gold Finch covering every limb, in every tree.   The flock of American Goldfinch, often called wild Canaries, were an amazing site to see.  Seeing these beautiful little birds made you feel like spring was around the corner. DSC_7217.JPG

If you didn’t see them, which was very unlikely, you could hear them.  Flocks of American Goldfinch sing in chorus and often the males sing in flight.  That many Goldfinch singing in the trees was a beautiful sound.



During the winter months these pretty little yellow birds loose their bright yellow feathers by molting and they turn a drab brown in color.  They molt twice a year, once in late winter and again in late summer.  After molting, their pretty yellow feathers return and they tend to look patchy for a short period of time.  When spring arrives their beautiful coats turn a bright yellow, especially on the adult male who wears his bright yellow feathers proudly.

The adult male Finch has a black forehead, bright yellow feathers, and black and white tipped wings.DSC_7454


The little female does not have the bright yellow feathers or the black forehead.  She is a brownish yellow or you might say a dirty yellow but just as pretty.DSC_7506.jpgDSC_7422.jpgDSC_7436.jpgDSC_7437.jpg

These flocks of American Goldfinch never stay in one spot for very long.  If you see a flock you need to enjoy them because they will not stay for being afraid they will eat all their food in one spot.  They survive on seed and love Sunflower seeds, seed head of wild Thistles, Dandelions, and other plantsDSC_7397.jpg



Adult male and female American Gold Finch


Adult Female
Adult Male


A flock of Goldfinches are called a “Charm of Goldfinches”.  They fly through the air with a bouncy undulating pattern.  Compared to the Eastern Bluebird, they are much smaller.

Female American Goldfinch and a female Eastern Bluebird


I hope you enjoyed a few of the photos I took this morning of the American Goldfinch.  Keep watch for these beautiful yellow birds.  You never know they may visit your backyard.

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