Amazing Birds

This afternoon was a beautiful afternoon and I was blessed to get a few amazing shots of some amazing birds.

An adult male Painted Bunting decided to make his appearance for just a few minutes.  These little birds are so beautiful and are a very rare site.  Their feathers are as if someone took a paint brush as painted their feathers with colors of blue, yellow and red.  Females are a pale greenish yellow with an eye ring around their eyes.


Painted Bunting are members of the Cardinal family but they remind me of  a finch .


There is always a beautiful Bluebird working hard, feeding and fixing their nests.DSC_6107

The Meadow Lark below is a bird that is overlooked for its beauty but take a look at how bright yellow this little bird is.  Their yellow underbelly color is amazing!


A few Blue Winged-Teal was swimming on one of the ponds and decided to fly.  I was blessed with an amazing action shot as they left the water.  There is nothing like getting an amazing action shot of ducks in flight.


DSC_7532-1-3 (2)

The Red-Bellied Wood Pecker is a frequent visitor looking for corn and sunflower seeds at my feeders.

Red Bellied Woodpecker

DSC_6630Just wanted to share and hope that you had the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature on such a beautiful day.

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