Little Black Bear


Wildlife photography is my passion.  I get so caught up in the moment of seeing an amazing animal and capturing at least just one amazing photo.  It is what I love, live and dream about.  That perfect shot!

I got the opportunity to mark off another amazing item from my bucket list this week. Photographing a black bear.  Here in Arkansas you might see a bear, but seeing one is rare and very exciting if given the opportunity.

Arkansas, once know as the bear state, is loved by black bear due to its mountains which are rugged terrain, covered in trees, and abundant with water sources.  Black bear were almost extinct in the natural state in the 1930’s with only 50 bear.  Now, there are thousands and the numbers keep climbing.


I recently got the opportunity to capture some amazing shots of this young male black bear.  This is a young bear recently pushed away by it’s mother just looking for food.  He was very brave and didn’t seem to mind posing for me.









I hope you enjoyed the shots of this beautiful little male bear.  If you would like to learn more about Black Bear in Arkansas, this article from Only In Arkansas called  Bears in Arkansas is an interesting read and gives some great links to read more about Arkansas Black Bears.



5 thoughts on “Little Black Bear

  1. Very nice! Especially so, since I have so many bear adventures based on family stories on my blog. While they are wild animals and should be respected as such, I have always been a fan!

    1. Thank you DC. Bear adventures here in Arkansas do happen and happen more often now since the population is climbing but they are still a rare site to see and such a thrill!

  2. What a thrill for you, I know how you feel about photography, I feel the same way and what a golden opportunity to connect with such an amazing animal, I hope he’s going to make it, I’ve seen documentaries with bear specialists sharing their insight on young bear being deserted by their mom, he looks healthy and confident.

    1. I think he will be just fine. He is a very healthy looking bear and he was just amazing. Truly an encounter that I will never forget .

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