Migrating Pelicans at Lake Conway

Last weekend was wonderful to be able to take some great shots of the pelicans that migrate to Arkansas during the winter months. These birds are really spectacular to look at with their big beaks, snow white feathers, and large bodies. I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos.

13 thoughts on “Migrating Pelicans at Lake Conway

    1. I seen the horn also. I don’t anything about them. Is this what the horn means that they are a breeding adult? Interesting..

      1. Thinking about it, I remember photographing birds flying between a feeding area and a nesting area later in the season and don’t remember them having horns.

      2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_white_pelican

        “In the breeding season, there is a laterally flattened “horn” on the upper bill, located about one-third the bill’s length behind the tip. This is the only one of the eight species of pelican to have a bill “horn”. The horn is shed after the birds have mated and laid their eggs. Outside the breeding season the bare parts become duller in color, with the naked facial skin yellow and the bill, pouch, and feet an orangy-flesh color.”

      3. Wow! How neat. So very interesting. Thank you for all the information and the link to read more about them

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