Love the Canadian Goose

The Canadian Goose holds a special place in my heart. About three years ago I found a gosling in my backyard. I don’t know how she got there or where she came from but I raised her to be a very grand goose. Her name of course is Goosey and she has been with me for three years now. From time to time she has visitors.


I love watching the behavior of the geese and listening to their sounds. I hope you enjoy a few of the moments I was able to capture with my camera.

Every year the Trumpeter swans visit and each year I can hardly wait to see them. Their beauty is amazing.

Canadian Geese pair with Trumpeter Swan Pair

14 thoughts on “Love the Canadian Goose

  1. Before I spent time in Wyoming, I’d never had a direct encounter with Canadian Geese, but in open farm country visiting my sister, they were everywhere, I grew to love hearing them and seeing them in action. Now living in northern Arizona they are at both wetlands near the house, I am fascinated with their activity and how comical they are. Love the photos and that you’ve adopted a goose, what a great story.

    1. Yes I love my goose. She is such a character and I know if I had not raised her she would have never made it in the wild. She was way too little when I found her. I have given her many opportunities to fly off with geese and she always comes back. When I wrote my children’s book Dinky the Crooked Little Cow, I included her in the book. She was the best friend of Dinky. I lost Dinky a few months ago and I really miss her.

  2. That’s great you raised Goosey. She’s beautiful. Wonderful photos. We get a lot of Canadian geese and some of them stay all year. Last summer a pair had four goslings that we watched them raise on the river. We figured a coyote would get one or two of the goslings, but somehow they all survived, much to our delight.

    1. That is great that they all survived!! Yes I have had her for three years now. She wouldn’t have survived without a little help. I really enjoy her.

    1. It is so neat to have a Canadian goose. It is better than having a dog for a pet. I let her her run around with all the geese that comes by. I want to let her be a wild goose and if she decides to leave then that is her choice. But she always comes back and stays. The swans come every year and I cannot wait to see them!!

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