Capturing Wildlife in a Whole New Way

My daily thoughts are consumed with wildlife photography and art. I just can’t seem to get enough. The more I do, the more I want to do. To push my limits beyond what I feel I am capable of doing. It is what makes a better photographer and artist.

To paint and draw in realism is a constant battle. To get everything right from color to small detail is a challenge for me but it is what makes it worthwhile .

The image above is an American Black Duck that I am working on in colored pencil. Pencil gives me the ability to create with more control than painting.

I am also currently working on the image above.  It is a painting on canvas using acrylic paints of a Bull Elk in the Rockies. I am down to doing the fine detail work of the grass, trees and a little more touch up to the sky.

I want to be a better artist. By taking better photographs for reference, it enables me to be that better artist. That is what I dream of  and hope to be one day.

7 thoughts on “Capturing Wildlife in a Whole New Way

    1. Thank you! I love colored pencil! I am hoping to get the acrylic painting of the Elk finished this week. Again thank you so much!!!

  1. The black duck is excellent. I really like the state of the trees, grasses and mountains in the Elk painting. Since you do great wildlife photography, I would say your paintings don’t have to be too realistic.

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