Welcome to my website, a site that i have devoted to sharing images of beautiful wildlife photography.  Most of my images were taken in and around my home state, the farm in which I live located in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.   My name is Leah J Smith and I hope you enjoy your visit.

 When you think of wildlife photography, you think of taking a trip to the Serengeti in Africa photographing wild elephants or tigers or in Alaska photographing grizzly bears.  Those type images are amazing and would be a dream to capture, but most never realize the beauty that is in their own back yard.

For those of you that have never seen a Bald Eagle in flight, a Trumpeter Swan swimming gracefully on a small lake or pond, a White Tail Deer, or a duck in the wild, I hope my images bring you a little closer to these magnificent animals.  I hope my images help you grow to love and appreciate nature as I do. Sharing  my experiences while taking these images through my blog page has become a great past time and hobby for me.

 I created this site to share my love for wildlife and these beautiful images I have taken through the years here in Arkansas and  I also love going out west and taking photos of animals in Colorado and the beauty of the state.

Many of my images have been recognized by Outdoor Photographer, The Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine, Capture Arkansas.com., and Arkansas Living Magazine.  Dancing Diamonds has been chosen for Arkansas Living Magazine’s cover photo for their 2019 Calendar.

Please take the time to visit my other online galleries located at  500px , Outdoor Photographer and National Geographic/ Your Shot .  

I would also appreciate your support in my wildlife photography and art by being a supporter of my work on Patreon!  By being a supporter, each month you will  receive benefits such as access to free prints of my drawings and wildlife photography.  You also receive tips and behind the scenes photos of my drawings in progress.  Check it out.

If you are interested in purchasing some of my prints for your home or just a gift,  please visit my gallery at http://www.leahjsmith.smugmug.com

I also have a love for art.  It is something I love doing to relax and just enjoy quite time.   The medium that I favor is colored pencil along with acrylics.  You can also purchase my photography and art on http://www.fineartamerica.com. 


I love how photography gives me an insight into this beautiful world around me.

Please enjoy…..

Dancing Diamonds
On The Farm



PicMonkey Sample



Please check back often, as this site is updated regularly.

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