Eastern Bluebird Painting


The Eastern Bluebird as most of you know is my favorite bird and a few years back I took this image along with a few more that have turned out to be my most favorite images of the Eastern Bluebird to date. Now that I am into painting and drawing wildlife, I decided to try to capture this beautiful image on canvas.

If you would like to purchase prints of this image in either version, the photo or the painting is available at my online gallery. Please go to The Eastern Bluebird is available in the wildlife section.


Cold Wet Day But Worth IT

Today was a very cold and rainy day. Here in Arkansas we just missed a big winter storm that went north of us and dumped ice and snow all across the northern states. It just so happened that it was a great day to take some awesome shots of trumpeter swans and Canadian geese. The cold was a bone chilling wet cold but it was so worth being miserable from the weather for these beautiful images.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful images of the Trumpeter Swan and the Canadian Goose.


Dinky The Crooked Little Cow

I finished my first children’s book last year around this time of the year.  Dinky the Crooked Little Cow.  Volume 1 can be purchased on Amazon in paper back or on kindle.  It makes such a great children’s gifts.  Please check it out on Amazon.

Volume 2 is in the works and hopefully will be published next year before Christmas.  


Hairy Or Downy

Hairy or Downy?  Very hard to tell…..well I have a hard time determining the difference.  The best way to tell is the size of the two birds.  The most distinctive difference in the two is the Downy woodpecker is the smaller of the two.

DSC_5506-3 (1)

Also look for the size difference in their bill.  The Hairy woodpecker has a long chisel like bill, almost the same length as his head.  The Downy’s is short and dainty.   About 1/3rd length of its head.


I do believe this is a Hairy.  What do you think?