Bringing Together Light, Water and Action to Create A Dreamlike Illusion

Shooting action shots of an animal on the water is really exciting and can be a challenge in itself.  Bringing together light, water and action, can create an awesome effect in photography.  This series of shots of the Trumpeter Swans, right when the golden hour in photography was ending, was such a gift.  It happened at the most perfect time of day, with the most perfect subject any photographer could want, the Trumpeter Swan

Shot Of A Lifetime

Through the years I  have read many articles by wildlife photographers from around the world just hoping to get a little bit of information that might help me someday get that perfect shot.  Many write about getting that kind of opportunity only once in their lifetime.   I am here to say that I was given […]

Western Cattle Egret

The Western Cattle Egret often called  “Cow Bird” is native to Africa spreading to the United States in 1941.  Found around cattle’s feet eating insects that are disturbed by grazing cattle,  the egret also is known to eat small songbirds.  The Egret is a member of the Heron family. I noticed the cattle in the […]

Dog On Fun!

Maggie is a special dog here on the farm.  She is such fun to just watch and so full of energy. This is Maggie when she was just a pup with her red solo cup.  She was a cutie. Maggie is six years old this year and still full of energy.  I took a few […]

Busy Little Bluebirds

This time of the year the little Bluebirds are so busy in my back yard.  They are getting their boxes ready to raise their young.  You can see them carrying sticks and grass to their boxes working on their nests. The male as well as the female work side by side all day long on […]

Amazing Birds

This afternoon was a beautiful afternoon and I was blessed to get a few amazing shots of some amazing birds. An adult male Painted Bunting decided to make his appearance for just a few minutes.  These little birds are so beautiful and are a very rare site.  Their feathers are as if someone took a […]