The Old Barn

Acrylic on canvas 16 x 20. The old barn with an old truck and deer has been so much fun to paint. I have enjoyed this painting so much that I may just try another one close to it soon. I hope you enjoy this painting and you can find it for sale at Artpal […]

New Series of Paintings

I have not posted anything recently due to being so busy. Painting is taking up most of my time but I so enjoy it. After many hours of painting and hard work, I just finished these two pieces which are part of the three piece big cat series of paintings. I am hoping to start […]

Love the Canadian Goose

The Canadian Goose holds a special place in my heart. About three years ago I found a gosling in my backyard. I don’t know how she got there or where she came from but I raised her to be a very grand goose. Her name of course is Goosey and she has been with me […]

Ruddy Duck Colored Pencil Drawing

Another pencil drawing finished this weekend. The colored pencil drawing is of a Ruddy duck. Done in Fabre-Castell Poloychromos. You can find my wildlife photography, paintings and drawing prints are available for purchase at

Landscape Photography

Just returned a while back from short trip to Asheville, North Carolina.  I had a wonderful trip through the Great Smokey Mountains while capturing some stunning photography. There is no place like the Smokies to capture some beautiful landscape photos. Beautiful scenery along with fresh mountain air is a combination that is really hard to […]