Landscape Photography

The Great Smokey Mountains

Just returned a while back from short trip to Asheville, North Carolina.  I had a wonderful trip through the Great Smokey Mountains while capturing some stunning photography. There is no place like the Smokies to capture some beautiful landscape photos.

Beautiful scenery along with fresh mountain air is a combination that is really hard to beat no matter where you go.  

Colorado is also a wonderful state to visit for some dramatic scenery. Visiting the state in late September and early October gave me the opportunity to capture golden colors that is truly amazing. You really have to witness this color in person to get the full aspect of how brilliant the golden Aspens truly are.

Capturing depth in your photo by keeping all the elements of your subject in focus. The depth to the photo above is the mountain. The rainbow in the above photo was my subject, but the mountain and surrounding trees were also elements that contributed to the photo. By choosing a small aperture setting this brings great depth and make your photo amazing!

I hope this simple tip helps you to take amazing landscape photos in the future.

A larger aperture setting and being closer to your subject give you an in focus foreground and a blurry background.

I hope these simple tips help you to create more beautiful photos in the future.